Police chief steps into the crosshairs to raise cash for cars


A US police chief has put himself forward to be Tasered in a bid to raise money for a new patrol car.
Danny Baker, 63, heads up the small police department in Knightstown, Indiana, which is facing equipment shortages due to a reduced budget.

His police force makes do with just four patrol cars, each of which have covered high mileages and suffer from mechanical and electrical problems.

He is hoping that by volunteering to be Tasered, he can raise $9,000 (£5,500) to purchase a new addition to the fleet.

A Taser is a non-lethal weapon, which uses high voltage electrical shocks to incapacitate violent or threatening offenders. They have become increasingly popular amongst UK police forces, which have thus far resisted calls from some corners to become fully armed.

The head cop hoped that those witnessing him being electrified – an event being held at a local school gymnasium – will feel compelled to donate, and will learn something about how the 50,000 volt devices work.

Baker told reporters: "It's a shame we have to go to the extent of having fundraisers and getting electrified and so forth.

"But with small-town budgets you have to do something to get by."

The event will also include a demonstration by the force's working dogs.

This isn't the first fundraiser chief Baker has held since filling the role in 2007. His previous hog roasts and golf outings have raised around $8,000 annually for the beleaguered police department – money which has been used for, amongst other things, forensic equipment.
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