Electric car subsidies failing to spark drivers' interest

British drivers have yet to fully embrace the 'green' car movement, despite Government-backed subsidies for those buying a new electric car.

Green car subsidies fail to spark drivers' interest
Green car subsidies fail to spark drivers' interest

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According to a survey by Auto Trader, just one per cent of UK drivers currently own an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV), and even the £5,000 Government grant has failed to spark their interest.

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In fact, the poll of 3,000 motorists found that 'green' concerns like low CO2 emissions are at the bottom of Brits' new car checklist.

A sizeable 35 per cent of drivers were unaware that an an AFV grant existed, and despite the fact that 89 per cent claimed they would like a more eco-friendly car, few were willing to pay a premium for the privilege.

The problem of charging points for electric cars was a concern for many, with 80 per cent saying they had not seen one within five miles of their home, and 73 per cent suggesting more were necessary.

A majority of 79 per cent of British motorists believe the Government should be doing more to make green cars more affordable.
Jonathan Williams, group marketing director at Auto Trader, told the Daily Mail: "The good news for car manufacturers is British motorists are taking an interest in electric vehicles - when made aware of the the benefits and cost savings. However, we're still a long way from convincing motorists to make the switch."

Mr Williams added: "Despite a £400 million investment and a further £500 million on its way in 2015 from the Government, motorists are still lacking information on costs, efficiency and effectiveness of owning electric vehicles - and, simply, choice.

"Clearly not enough is being done to incentivise both manufacturers and consumers."

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