Video: TV presenter in close call as Arctic glacier collapses above boat

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The moment TV presenter Steve Leonard got a little too close for comfort to a collapsing Arctic glacier has been caught on camera.

Steve was filming a BBC documentary, Incredible Journeys, with Arctic expert Jason Roberts when the incident occurred, according to the Daily Mail.

The pair are seen getting stuck under the ice front after the boat engine hits ice.

He says: "The whole vast river of ice is on the move, slowly, inexorably, toppling into the sea. Sometimes in small lumps, sometimes in much bigger ones.

"Given that fact, it's obviously not that great to be under the ice front with a broken engine."

One worried cameraman can be heard asking: "Can we get out of here?" As they're stuck, small chunks of ice start falling down and Steve says: "I don't want that in the boat."

Thankfully, the engine starts and Steve notes the glacier to be around 50 metres high, adding: "That is an enormous block at the top. That whole front is going to go at some point."

And, guess what? Just seconds later, it did. The driver speeds off as fast a possible as a loud cracking sound can be heard and the glacier comes crashing down. Steve shouts "Oh my god" before adding: "I can taste saltwater in my mouth. That was amazing."

We think "terrifying" might have been more apt... Thank goodness the engine started again.

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