'SH17' number plates to be banned in Scotland

A large swathe of Glasgow will not be able to register cars with its familiar 'SH' prefix for fears it'll spell out a rude word, it has been revealed.
An exclusive AOL Cars investigation has found that in just five years time, all 17-reg plate registrations will be stopped in one of Glasgow's DVLA offices as every one will start with the prefix 'SH17'.

The DVLA bans all registrations that could be deemed offensive and even has a team working on finding distasteful combinations before they are released.

However, the DVLA told AOL Cars it hadn't currently decided which 17-reg plates would be 'deemed inappropriate', but revealed it was likely the SH17 combination will be banned.

"Prior to any new release of registrations, the DVLA takes measures to withhold combinations that may cause offence on propriety grounds," a spokesman told AOL Cars.

"Although the Agency has not yet discussed the 17 series, which will be released for sale in December 2016, I would envisage some if not all SH17 combinations would be withheld on these grounds."

The DVLA has the power to remove "unsuitable" registrations from cars that it deems offensive, even if they've already been released and are on a car.

The 17-reg revelation comes on the back of news that the DVLA has banned a swathe of 14-reg plates from going on sale in March.

These include SH14 TTY, BU14 SHT and PR14 CCK.

But the ban on registering cars for a whole six-month period in one area – as will be the case in Glasgow with the SH17 plates – is extremely rare.

The DVLA spokesman added: "The 'S' series/range is used to identify vehicles registered in Scotland and will continue to do so. If a decision is made to suppress SH17, a different 'S' combination could be used to identify Glasgow if required."
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