Parking attempt ends in carnage

Parking fail

CCTV – necessary security or the intrusive eye of Big Brother? Whatever your stance on these silent observers, there is one function at which they excel: documenting other people's parking calamities for our amusement.
The footage below is no different, though you're less likely to see the funny side if it was your car involved in this particular prang. Filmed at a railway station at Olton in the West Midlands, the video shows (at first) a silver Ford Fiesta slowly and carefully reversing out of a parking space.

What happens next is unbelievable, as the car powers backwards at full speed, colliding with two cars before eventually coming to a stop after hitting a third.

It is not known what caused the driver to reverse back at such a rate, though it is likely they got their pedals mixed up, resulting in the 'unintended acceleration'.

British Transport Police in particular would like to get to the bottom of the incident, after the driver failed to leave any details or report the collision.

They are appealing for witnesses or anyone who might recognise the car, as unfortunately the CCTV cameras failed to capture any part of the Fiesta's number plate.

Anyone with information is urged to call 0800 40 50 40.

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