The five most expensive homes on the market

The Bishops Avenue property

If you've just picked up your lottery win, then don't go thinking you can have any house on the market that you fancy, because unless you have come into £40 million or more you can kiss goodbye to your chances of buying one of the five most expensive properties on the market at the moment.

So just how much do they cost, and what do you get for your money?
The top five were revealed by property website Rightmove. Unexpectedly, the most expensive property is actually a flat - in the most exclusive block in the country - One Hyde Park. For £68 million you can get a five bedroom apartment in Knightsbridge overlooking a secluded corner of Hyde Park. It seems shocking to spend so much and have to live above other people, but it's the first entire floor in the block to become available for immediate occupation, so it could tempt a billionaire somewhere.

For £65 million there's Heath Hall (pictured), on The Bishops Avenue in North London (leading up to Hampstead Heath). You'll get 15 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and opulence aplenty for your money. There are the usual trappings of the wealthy - from the cinema to the gym, swimming pool and tennis court. You'll also be getting a bargain as the property was originally put on the market for £100 million in 2011.

The other £65 million property on the list is on Campden Hill in Holland Park, West London. However, if you opt for this one you can expect to be dipping repeatedly into the piggy bank. There are nine bedrooms and planning permission for things like a staff cottage and a tennis court. However, rather than the brochure showing how the property looks now, it shows what it could look like after renovation. It looks as though the £65 million will be a drop in the ocean.

If you can only stretch to £49 million you could go for an eight bedroom house in Hampstead. You get an indoor and outdoor pool, more marble you can shake a stick at, and the kind of overstated grandeur that shouts about your incredible wealth.

Finally, the cheapest on the list is an 11 bedroom mews house in St John's Wood in North London. You'll get the usual gym, pool, cinema, and games rooms for £37 million.


And while these figures seem crazy, the experts highlight that this end of the market is booming. It's tricky to get exact figures as so much of the buying and selling is done through private contacts and secret deals. However, Land Registry statistics show that transactions at this end of the market are up 7% in a year.

Apparently while so many investments prove flaky and volatile, the world's billionaires are discovering that multi-million pound homes in the most exclusive parts of London will hold their value, and in many cases will prove a reliable investment. For these billionaires, £68 million is a fraction of their wealth, so an investment is just common sense... however insane the prices look to the rest of us.

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