​Drunk driver pulled up for a nap - in the fast lane of the M25

A man has been convicted of being so drunk while driving his car that he actually pulled over in the fast lane of one of Britain's busiest motorways for a nap – right in the middle of rush hour traffic.

James Dance, 59, was found to be four times over the drink-drive limit when he was arrested on the M25 near the Clacket Lane Services in Kent at around 9:30am on October 22.

He had previously been spotted weaving along the motorway through the long-term roadworks on that stretch at around 20mph.

Eventually, though, he ground to a halt in the fast lane of the motorway and fell asleep while waiting by the central reservation.

A passing motorist stopped to help, and called the police.

Upon their arrival at the scene, police breathalysed Dance, and found him to be nearly four times over the legal drink drive limit of 35mcg alchol per 100ml of breath.

Dance blew a reading of 139mcg per 100ml, and the police report also noted that Dance was "unsteady on his feet".

Dance pleaded guilty to drink driving at Sevenoaks Magistrates' Court; his lawyer told police that he had struggled with alcohol problems for years, but noted that he had received no prior convictions.

According to The Daily Mail, Kumud Singh, prosecuting, told the court: "A member of the public contacted police saying a Mondeo was being driven on the approach to the Clacket Lane Services at 20mph on the outside lane and holding up traffic and weaving between lanes two and three.

"They thought the driver was ill or drunk."

The case has been adjourned pending a psychiatric assessment. Dance has been handed down an interim driving ban, and will be sentenced on December 20.
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