​LAPD releases zombie video to highlight car crime

​LAPD releases zombie video to highlight car crime

A dark night. A residential street. A row of parked cars.

And from between them come shuffling legs, limping and dragging, accompanied by an unmistakeable snickering sound you've heard in a thousand B-movies.
That's right: zombies are loose!

But this isn't just another bargain basement horror flick – though there is a distinctly low-budget feel going on.

In fact, it's a short public information video that's been shot and released by the Los Angeles Police Department.

It parodies countless zombie horror films, such as Dawn Of The Dead, especially in its depiction of gruesome, freshly-reanimated corpses.

But these zombies aren't after your brains. No, in fact they're after your valuables.

The film has been produced to highlight the prevalence of theft from motor vehicles in Los Angeles, with around 400 cars every week currently being targeted.

Its aim is to raise awareness of the crime, as well as to advise motorists to ensure doors are locked and valuables are out of sight when they leave their cars.

And it's certainly reaching a wide audience – since it was posted online last week, the video's gone viral - no pun intended - attracting nearly 20,000 hits and counting.

That's probably thanks to its off-the-wall nature and deliberately crummy production values.

Summing up at the end of the sequence, Captain Jeff Bert of the department says: "Whatever you call them – people, zombies, bad guys, creeps, criminals – they're breaking into your cars, and stealing your stuff.

"We're here to stop it – but the best thing we can do to stop it is to have your active participation.

"Lock your stuff, hide your stuff, and you're going to keep your stuff."

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