Dreamlifter pilot who landed at tiny airport 'couldn't read directions'

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A pilot who landed a huge Dreamlifter plane at a tiny American airport by mistake was heard in a radio exchange mixing up east and west.

The Daily Mail reports that the pilot said he could not read his own handwriting and was distracted from the conversation by "looking at something else".

After arriving at the airport in Kansas, controllers told the pilot he was nine miles north of his intended destination.

The Boeing 747 arrived safely at Colonel James Jabara Airport where the runway is shorter than is usually needed for a large aircraft.

According to Sky News, when the pilot was told that he landed in the wrong destination, he said: "Uh, yes sir, we just landed at the other airport."

In the recording, provided by LiveATC.net, he was heard saying: "Sorry about that, couldn't read my handwriting."

Fortunately the plane took off safely on Thursday and landed at its intended destination.

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