​Man survives car being crushed by lorry in motorway accident

Man trapped under lorry on M40

A man has survived an horrific motorway crash in which a lorry crushed his Mercedes.

The out-of-control lorry, which was said to be fully-loaded at the time, obliterated a motorway central reservation barrier, ending up on the opposite side of the carriageway.
The Mercedes, a nearly-new E-Class model, was pinned beneath the truck's trailer as it veered across the road.

In an astonishing stroke of luck, it seems that neither driver suffered any serious injuries.

The crash took place at around 7:45 yesterday morning.

Eyewitnesses say that the lorry was travelling northbound on the M40 between Junctions 15 and 16 near Warwick, when the driver lost control.

The truck smashed through the central reservation, demolishing the barrier, tipping almost onto its side, and wedging the luxury saloon between its wheels.

The clear-up operation took several hours, and caused tailbacks that stretched up to 10 miles at one point.

One passer-by told the Daily Mail: "I couldn't believe my eyes when the lorry went flying through the barrier. It just smashed through the barrier like it wasn't there and collided with a few cars on the wrong side.

"It was just a mess, and then suddenly I looked again and there was a Mercedes stuck underneath the lorry.

"How nobody got seriously hurt I just don't know."

A spokesman for Warwickshire Police said: "There are not thought to be any serious injuries but the incident caused major delays.

"The lorry was fully laden and had collided with at least one car."
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