Horrific 200mph land speed crash caught on film

Honda Insight 200mph crash

The moment a driver lost control of his vehicle at an astonishing 200mph has been captured on video.> Brian Gillespie, a racing driver for the Hasport Hondata Insight team, was attempting to crack the 200mph mark at the El Mirage dry-lake bed in the Mojave Desert, California when he suddenly lost control of the car.

The Honda Insight Mr Gillespie was piloting at the time was originally designed to return impressive miles per gallon figures, not break land speed records, but the Hasport team he drove for had set out to prove that with a few engine tweaks, the car could hit astonishing top speeds.

The video shows Mr Gillespie powering down the straight at the El Mirage dry-lake bed but as the dust kicks up from the rear wheels, the car can be seen losing grip and begins to 'fish tail'.

Brian Gillespie, an experienced racing driver and drag racer, appears to attempt to correct the out of control car but any inputs from the driver at speeds in excess of 200mph make a huge difference to the stability of the vehicle.

The wheels bite and the momentum sends the car somersaulting through the air, making over a dozen full rotations before the crumpled wreck finally comes to rest.

Amazingly, Mr Gillespie survived the ordeal and after being airlifted to a nearby hospital, was treated for a collapsed lung, a cut on his shin and severe bruising to his head.

Honda Tuning Magazine – a title that has featured Brian Gillespie on many occasions – said: "He's not only served as a vital resource for just about anything Honda-related, but he's an avid, active member of the Honda community and you won't find a nicer guy to chat with."

"Brian has always been serious about safety and the roll cage and HANS device were key to his survival in this crash," the magazine added.

Watch the shocking footage below

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