​Young family decimated by suicidal driver

​Young family decimated by suicidal driver

A young family was left decimated by the actions of a driver who was intent on committing suicide, an inquest has heard

Elber Twomey, 36, was the only survivor of the collision near Torquay in Devon, in which Marek Wojciechowski, 26, intentionally drove head-on into their car.
Mrs Twomey's husband Con, 39, as well as their 16-month-old son Oisin, were both killed.

The couple's unborn baby, with whom Mrs Twomey was 24 weeks pregnant, was also lost as a result of the accident.

Mr Wojciechowski was arrested at the scene and taken to hospital, but he too succumbed to his injuries later that day.

His wife Agnieszka had alerted police after she found a four-page suicide note on the day of the tragedy, an inquest heard yesterday.

CCTV captured Mr Wojciechowski driving repeatedly along the same two-mile stretch of road between two roundabouts for 39 minutes before PC Ben Bickford found him.

But when PC Bickford switched on his patrol car's blue flashing lights, the Vectra accelerated and veered across the carriageway into the path of the Twomeys' oncoming VW Golf.

Witness John Onions said: "'It sounds awful now, but the crash looked deliberate. It decided to accelerate and go straight across the road. The image was that the Vectra seemed to shoot straight across. It was impossible for them to do anything. The oncoming car decided to turn and go straight into it. It's as simple as that."

Oisin was killed instantly, while Mr Twomey was left with serious brain injuries and died in hospital ten months later.

The court heard that Wojciechowski had recently broken up with his wife, but that he had left a four-page suicide note saying that he did not blame her for the split, and that he loved their children.

He had previously taken a job as a taxi driver working six nights a week, but the couple had got into financial difficulties.

The inquest continues.
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