Video: 'Stupid' woman does tandem bungee jump without safety harness

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The terrifying moment a girl bungee jumps hundreds of feet while just clinging to her boyfriend for safety has been caught on camera.

The girl is seen climbing over a bridge in Russia and wrapping her arms and legs around her boyfriend, who is wearing a safety harness while she is not.

They then jump off together towards the river below, apparently with no injuries or problems - or even screams.

The video was uploaded on Live Leak with the title "Teenager proves her love and bungees down without a harness".

Incredulous viewers wrote of their disapproval on the page, with one commenting: "One of the dumbest things I've seen in a while."

Somebody else wrote: "The only thing she proved was her stupidity", while another Live Leak user said: "Ah...Love at first near-death experience. How romantic."

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