Couple turns milk float into £95-a-night B&B room

Couple turns milk float into £95-a-night B&B room

Fancy nipping off to the country for a stress-relieving weekend away?

Well, if you're planning on heading down to Cornwall, you now have the option of a rather unorthodox choice of accommodation – a 50-year-old milk float!

Doesn't sound too appealing at first, does it? That's until you realise that it's been restored, renovated, and turned into a cosy B&B room that comes complete with a fold-away bed, a sink, and even a cooker!

The barmy bedsit's been created by Emma Collinson and her partner Stuart Billingshurst, who together run an alpaca farm on Bodmin Moor.

The couple offer animal husbandry courses on the farm, but have nowhere for participants to stay – so they decided their fantastic float was the ultimate solution.

"We only have our static park home here on the farm so it would be impossible for people to stay," she told the Daily Mail.

"But when the courses are on for more than one day it is often good for those doing them to spend longer on the farm so they get the feel for it.

The pair say they got the idea because Stuart had previously owned a milk float and even went to work in one.

However, they were unable to get hold of his float, so instead they bought one from a milkman in Bath for £500.

They did all the work with the help of a few friends, and in total the refit cost them just over £1,000.

"I fought with Stuart to have a loo and he wanted a shower so we worked out a way to attach both to the back," Ms Collinson says.

"There is a sink under the bed which folds up. In the cab there are seats and the steering wheel is still there and all the buttons.

"That is my favourite bit - being able to sit in the cab with a cup of tea."

She adds that the 'room' will be parked in the field in which the alpacas are kept, and will feature an extending canopy that'll increase the living space available.

It'll be let out to tourists for £75 per night on weekdays, and £95 a night at weekends.
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