Bristol cottage with its own steam train for sale

Bristol cottage with steam train for sale

A Victorian cottage on the outskirts of Bristol is up for sale. The £550,000 home isn't your average property. It's actually a former railway station, and it comes with its own steam train and carriage.

So what do you get for the money, and does quirkiness like this add to the value?
%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%> The Old Station Cottage is Grade II listed and very pretty. It comes with four reception rooms, four bedrooms and a triple garage.

Bristol cottage with stream train for sale

However, that's not what makes this property stand out. The Daily Mail reports that the garden features a number of rail signs - including an old station sign, and a section is designed to look like a station - with the train on the tracks an an old red telephone box.

Bristol cottage for sale with steam train

David James, the auctioneer, notes that it was used as a station up until the 1970s, and that "many of the period features have been retained, giving this fantastic family home a unique and fascinating feel."

Add value?

It goes under the hammer on December 3. But will the quirks of the property add to the value?

It has been priced at a bit of a premium to typical four bedroom properties in the area. The same agent is selling two 4-bedroom new builds locally for £499,000 and £529,000 - although those properties don't offer a similar amount of space.

There's also a 5-bedroom detached property selling locally for £399,950 - although it's fair to say that it doesn't have the same kind of character.

There are plenty of people who actively look for character properties, and plenty more who have an interest in railways and trains who would be drawn to the history of the place. The Bristol Post reports that there has already been quite a bit of interest in it.

No guarantees

However, this is no guarantee of a sale at a premium. The Railway Station in Glaisdale has been on the market for more than a year now, for £380,000. The former railway station comes with extensive grounds and even a tea room, and yet this has not been enough to guarantee a buyer.

As we reported this summer, even an exceptional property with real character and history may not sell at a premium at the moment. An old Victorian Water tower in South London, featuring a stunning roof terrace, a lift and the largest glass sliding doors in the UK, went on the market earlier in the year for £6.5 million. In the summer the owners were forced to cut the price to £4.75 million - after failing to attract a buyer. The new lower price put it in the same kind of bracket as traditional properties of a similar size in the area, at which point it sold.

We will have to see whether on the day the buyers are willing to pay more for character.

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Bristol cottage with its own steam train for sale
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