Polaris unveils 'airless' tyres for off-road vehicles

Polaris airless tyre

American purveyor of rugged off-road vehicles, Polaris, has recently unveiled its 'airless' tyres that are capable of withstanding a direct hit from a bullet and still function.
The innovative rubber will be fitted to the new Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O. ATV (or quad bike, for short) and will enable outdoors-y types to rumble through woodlands and across mountains without the worry of experiencing a flat tyre.

Polaris says that the TerrainArmor tyres have taken inspiration from military-grade technology that has previously been used by the armed forces on various off-road vehicles.

The design works by doing away with a typical inner tube set-up and instead features a mesh inner structure that is strong enough to take the weight of the vehicle and whatever the terrain throws at it, yet remains flexible enough to soak up bumps.

According to the manufacturer, the tyres can take a direct hit from a .50-claiber bullet and drive for a further 350 miles, and soak up the impact of a railroad spike yet perform for a further 1,000 miles.

In addition to off-road performance, the tyres are also said to be less wasteful than conventional counterparts as only the tread on the very outer section of the tyres needs to be replaced.

Customers looking to fit innovative rubber to regular vehicles may have to wait a little while longer. Both Bridgestone and Hankook have revealed similar ideas but neither company is yet to put 'airless' tyres on sale just yet.

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