Mercedes unveils stunning AMG Vision Gran Turismo concept

To celebrate the upcoming release of Sony's latest Gran Turismo video game, Mercedes-Benz tasked its team of designers and engineers to come up with a suitably cutting-edge concept vehicle.
The end result is this, the jaw-dropping Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo concept.

Not the snappiest-titled vehicle in the world but certainly one that is set to stop passers-by in their tracks with its excellent fusion of retro styling and ultra-modern construction.

The concept remains a virtual undertaking for now, with a 1:1 scale model currently undergoing final touches before it is displayed at the LA auto show later this month.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice the hints of 300SL in the styling flourishes, particularly the gull-wing doors, but the rest of the machine is a sleek supercar that looks as if it has been beamed down from another planet.

Engineers claim that the concept would be powered by a 577bhp AMG V8, should it ever go into production, that also produces a stonking 799Nm torque.

All of this power and performance sits underneath a shell that theoretically weighs just 1,384kg.

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept
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Mercedes unveils stunning AMG Vision Gran Turismo concept

The very same boffins also say the concept has been designed to emit a "sonorous exhaust note that authentically celebrates the V8's love of high engine speeds."

Unfortunately, there are no images of the interior but Mercedes confirms that the two-seater will take plenty of inspiration from its Formula 1 cars and feature a floating glass centre console that houses all of the readouts.

Fans of the futuristic machine will have to purchase Gran Turismo 6 when it lands in December (where it will be driveable as downloadable content) to get a closer look. Or they can head to this year's LA auto show where a scale model will be on display.

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