Incredible purple house for sale: for £400k

Hillingdon property

On the outside it's a perfectly ordinary four-bedroom semi-detached house in West London. From the estate agent's description you wouldn't notice anything unusual. However, once you look inside, it's an incredible purple phenomenon. Every room has been decorated in a striking purple colour scheme - from the walls, carpets and curtains to the fitted wardrobes and bathroom tiles.

So what effect will this sort of colour scheme have on the price?


The design

The attention to detail in this purple colour scheme is quite impressive. While others would have decided that purple walls, carpets and curtains made enough of a statement, these owners didn't stop until everything from the seat coverings to the bathroom bin were perfectly co-ordinated. Only the garden provides a contrast - although even then they have managed to plant some purple flowers.

Perhaps almost as impressive is that the estate agents have chosen not to draw attention to the colour scheme in their blurb, merely stating that it is a 'family inspired design', 'maintained to a high standard', and that the family bathroom has a classic white suite.

It's only when you look at the gallery of photographs that your head starts to spin.


It has clearly been designed to suit the tastes of the owner, and it's fair to say they have done a brilliant job of expressing themselves through the decor of their home. But what have they done to the value in the interim?

What's interesting about this home is that the kitchen and bathroom units are white (although the bath does have purple carpet on the sides). So to remove the vast majority of purple from the property would be a matter of investing a couple of thousand pounds in carpets, curtains and paint.

The established thinking is that you're going to put an awful lot of people off, because when they walk through the door all they will see is the colour, and they won't want the bother of having to redecorate when they move in. Fewer potential buyers means less competition and tends to mean a lower price.

However, in this instance there is a chance that the sheer scale of the purple will have attracted more attention to the property. Social media has been alive with people tweeting about this property and posting pictures to Facebook. Some reports are already claiming that a potential buyer has been lined up.

The media coverage means that will be those who are drawn to it just to see how dramatic the colour scheme is, who end up seeing the potential of the family home. There's every chance they will factor in the cost of making changes when they make an offer, but if enough people are making offers, they may have to stump up the asking price and take the cost of the DIY on the chin.

But what do you think? Would you live here? And would you redecorate?
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