Russian dash-cam footage captures high-speed river plunge

Russian river crash video

Footage has surfaced on the web that captures the harrowing moment a motorist in Russia (where else?) and his passenger plunge into a fast-flowing river after losing control on a tight corner.

Filmed in Russia's Krasnodarskiy region, the short clip shows the moment we as motorists all fear: a sharp left-hander coming straight for us and a road surface that is more slippery than a greased up kipper.

The gnarled guardrail that lines the tight corner suggests that this is not the first time someone has failed to slow down and negotiate the tricky bend.

Inevitably, the Russian motorist crashes into the rail, catches some air and plummets into the murky brown abyss below.

According to The Telegraph - whose journalists quite clearly speak better Russian than us - the driver and his passenger can be heard saying calmly in Russian: "Oh! we're floating! Where do we go?"

"I don't know, maybe to the shore. Don't turn the wheel, it's useless."

The video sadly ends before we get to see how the hapless pair manage to pull themselves out of a rather tricky situation but we can only imagine they floated towards a shallow stretch of river, drove up a sandy bank and travelled home as if nothing had happened.

Or not.

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