Anger at TV presenter who posed with lion she hunted in South Africa

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An American TV presenter has sparked outrage after she shared a photo of herself with a lion that she apparently shot dead on a hunting trip to South Africa.

Melissa Bachman posted the picture on her Facebook page and has received over 1,440 'Likes' for the 'trophy' snap.

According to The Guardian, she took part in a legal hunt at the Maroi conservancy in the northern Limpopo province.

The presenter's Twitter account, where she also posted the image, later appeared to have been removed but not before comedian Ricky Gervais responded to her tweet.

He tweeted: "'@melissabachman: incredible day in South Africa! Stalked this male lion...what a hunt!' spot the typo"

On her Facebook page, Melissa posted other disturbing photos of animals she had hunted during her trip.

An online petition calling for Bachman to be banned from returning to South Africa has received 8,000 signatures.

Her personal website says her job involves "filming, editing and hunting for a living".

ITV News reports that she grew up hunting with her family in Minnesota before launching a career with North American Hunter Television.

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