Lorry driver causes carnage after 'dropping his glasses'

Trucker Australia Tunnel

A lorry driver in Australia has caused untold amounts of chaos when he accidentally raised the rear of his HGV while fumbling around the cab for his glasses.
The Sydney Harbour Tunnel had to be closed when the dimwit driver ploughed into its ceiling with his trailer raised after mistakenly hitting the button from inside the cab while searching for his spectacles.

The Daily Mirror reported that local police were told that the driver had been distracted in his cab prior to the accident and had mistakenly pushed a wrong button, entering the tunnel with the rear of the lorry raised.

Unfortunately for him and fellow motorists, the body of his dump truck ploughed into the tunnel's celling and ripped a large chunk of it away, spilling heavy debris across the road and causing a number of drivers to take evasive action.

According to Australia's Daily Telegraph, the driver caused enormous tailbacks and caused tens of thousands of commuters to be late for work.

The trucking company's owner, Eric Flammia, told the Daily Telegraph that the driver, who is in his 50s, was shocked by the impact.

"He didn't know the body of the truck was raised," Mr Flammia said.

"His glasses had fallen off and as he reached down he has bumped the switch that raises the truck's body. When the driver heard and felt the body hit the tunnel roof he thought another truck had run into him."

Mr Flammia said the driver is experienced, reliable and had driven that truck, which carries excavation rubble, through the same tunnel "hundreds of times".

"He is devastated. It was just an unfortunate accident and I believe his explanation. Thank God nobody was hurt."

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