Bus lane camera catches 11,000 motorists in 52 days

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A single camera in Birmingham has caught and fined a shocking 11,000 motorists in just 52 days for driving in a city centre bus lane.
These figures have left residents confused and angered as many have been fined for simply veering into the lane, leading to calls for amnesty on all tickets issued to the drivers.

The camera, which is located on the southbound carriageway of Priory Queensway, in Birmingham, snaps 222 drivers on average every day for straying into the lane from which cars are forbidden.

These figures were discovered after one driver who was snapped by the camera submitted a Freedom of Information request to Birmingham City Council.

As reported by The Mirror, retired Ben Cheney, who was ferrying young children to and from Birmingham Children's Hospital when he received the fine, is now planning to challenge his £60 penalty at an independent parking tribunal.

The City Council has so far refused to back down but Councillor Rob Pocock is calling for an official pardon on all people issued with a ticket.

Pocock told the Birmingham Mail: "I am generally supportive of bus lanes, but in this case there appears to be a problem.

"The 11,000 people will not have willfully taken a risk. That number of tickets shows a failure to effectively communicate to motorists."

Drivers claim that inadequate warning signs are what lead many into the bus-only area and that a dangerous U-turn into oncoming traffic was the only way to avoid the £60 fine.

A full investigation and review of the bus lane will be carried out in January 2014.

A spokeswoman from the county council said: "Clear and adequate signage and road markings for the Enforcement Zone have been in place since the scheme began and the proposals have been widely advertised."
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