Rapper Lethal Bizzle 'cheats death' after smashing Ferrari 458

Lethal Bizzle Ferrari smash

Lethal Bizzle, the famous grime artist and purveyor of the phrase 'Dench', claims he is lucky to be alive after he smashed his bright red Ferrari 458 on Tuesday night.
The car was only two weeks old according to motoring enthusiast website SuperCarKids and if the 29-year-old rapper from North London's Twitter timeline is to be believed, it has been 'written off'.

Bizzle, real name Maxwell Ansah, took to the social networking site to explain the unfortunate mishap, saying: "I cheated death tonight. Wrote off my Ferrari 458."

The 'Police on My Back' singer didn't seem too disturbed by the incident as he followed up the original comment with, "F*** it tho, s*** happens, I'm still breathing."

Details of the incident remain undisclosed but the image released on Twitter shows the driver's airbag and side-impact airbags have deployed and extensive damage has been done to the driver's side of the car.

Lethal Bizzle is well documented for his love of expensive cars and famously drove a black Audi R8 before he opted for the Ferrari.

He described the R8 as "Not a shopping car," in a video with Grime Daily where he was filmed doing donuts and talking about his wheels in a car park.

The rapper thanked his fans and friends for their support after the crash, posting on Twitter, "Shout out to everyone that's reach out to me after my car crash. I see ya"

Watch Lethal Bizzle do his best Jeremy Clarkson impression in the video below

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