Motorcyclist invents helmet-mounted head-up display

Motorcyclist invents helmet-mounted head-up display

A motorcyclist from Stoke-On-Trent has created an ingenious head-up display for use with a helmet.

Dave Vout spent more than £100,000 developing the device, which sits on the rider's cheekbone, at the edge of their field of vision.
It gives bikers instant access to vital information on a small, transparent screen, meaning they don't have to take their eyes off the road.

The user can select one of three modes, in order to choose which read-outs are given priority.

Commuting mode shows road speed, revs, indicators, and which gear the bike's in, while touring mode gives the rider GPS coordinates and a mileage countdown for longer-distance journeys.

Meanwhile, track day mode uses the GPS unit, which is built into the bike itself along with the main computer, to time the biker's laps and can tell them whether their last was faster or slower.

Mr Vout says he's been developing the device, called Bike HUD, since 2010. Now that it's ready for sale, he hopes to bring it to market later this year, with each unit costing between £300 and £350.

"It all started out when I was looking for a gadget that would help me see behind the bike, being a fat boy, it was quite hard to see in the mirrors and I had a couple of near misses on the bike," he told the Daily Mail.

"No-one could find anything online anywhere so I left it for a while because I thought someone must be working on it already, although after a few months I went back to it, did some more research and began planning.

"'The contraption is mounted by a brace to the inside of the helmet and the point is for the rider to look over the top of it so they keep their head up and eyes on the road."

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