Stranger gets through airport security using another passenger's boarding pass

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A passenger was stunned to discover an airline allowed a stranger to get through airport security using his boarding pass after they issued him with the wrong ticket.

Brad Gertz found out that someone else was using his ticket when he went to Philadelphia International Airport to check in to his American Airlines flight to Chicago and was told: "You're already on the flight."

Staff accidentally issued his boarding pass to another passenger who changed his flight to an earlier take-off time.

Speaking to CBS 2, Gertz said: "God forbid this guy did something stupid. My name, my identity is attached."

But UPI reports that in a statement American Airlines said: "A boarding pass with Mr. Gertz's name on it was inadvertently given to another passenger yesterday when they arrived at PHL to check in for their flight. One of our employees realised the error after it happened and gave the other passenger the correct boarding pass."

Gertz said American Airlines offered him a $300 voucher.

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