​Oktoberfest reveller loses car - for five weeks!

Ever get that sinking feeling when you realise you haven't a clue where you left your car in an enormous car park?

If so, spare a thought for 'Antonio' from South Tyrol. Because he didn't just have one car park to comb for his forgotten motor – he had to scour the whole of Munich!

Antonio (not his real name; he was too embarrassed to give that to the press) says he drove to the city from his home in Italy to partake of the Oktoberfest celebrations.

He parked his silver Volkswagen Golf on a side street, before taking a tram into the city.

But by the time he'd finished celebrating and wanted to go home, he'd forgotten where he'd parked his car.

"Unfortunately I didn't notice the street's name," Antonio told Munich's Abendzeitung newspaper. "It was a small street without any particular features, close to a bus stop."

Antonio couldn't even remember which tram route he'd taken, so was at a loss to even return to the same district.

And while it's easy to imagine that Oktoberfest's famously copious levels of intoxication may have played a part in the story, Antonio says he hadn't been drinking. "I was just there for the rides," he says.

In the end, Antonio was forced to find alternative means of getting home – and despite three subsequent attempts to return to the city and re-trace his steps, he was unable to find his car for five weeks.

He even put up posters offering a €200 reward for any information that could help him find his beloved car, and reported the incident to the police in the hope that the Golf might have picked up a parking ticket, but to no avail.

But after a member of the public read an article about the lost car in the Abendzeitung, they got in touch with Antonio – and after five weeks, he was finally re-united with his wheels and able to drive home.
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