Fashion designer gets best job in the world: there's another up for grabs


Georgina Pomper

Georgina Pomper, a fashion designer, globetrotter, antiques collector and one-time racehorse owner, has beaten 2,000 other candidates to get what must be one of the best jobs in the world - travelling the world and sampling the best on offer.

So what's the job, and could you be in line for the same role?


Pomper beat 2,000 people to land the job, as a luxury tester for The website says that among the applicants were an Earl, a butler, an oligarch, a Royal Marine Commando, a beauty queen, a famous politician, and a TV star.

It's hardy surprising that she had such competition for the role, because her job will entail dining at prestigious restaurants; staying in the finest hotels; dressing in stunning jewellery; road testing extravagant cars; trialling the ultimate in cosmetics; and interacting with the most sophisticated tech products. She will then post her insights onto the website.

When the job was originally advertised, the site said it would be negotiating salary directly with the successful candidate, but it has not divulged how much Pomper will be paid for her efforts.


She landed the job because of her extensive experience using luxury goods - hiring private helicopters, lazing on luxury yachts, sipping champagne at Venice masked balls, and travelling the world to attend fashion shows, ski and generally live the high life. The website also liked the fact she describes herself as a "guerrilla shopper" as she is able to locate an exceptional item from sniper distance, hidden amongst a plethora of baubles.

The good news is that the website is still searching for its ideal male candidate. Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo says: "We are still looking for a male counterpart who equally excels in these areas. Perhaps he'll have a luxury journalism or TV presenter background."

He says that the ideal candidate would be an early adopter; discerning; eloquent; familiar with fashion, hospitality, cuisine and technology; and have experience of the luxury market.

If you think you have the background, and fancy living the high life without having to pay for the privilege, you can apply to the jobs page on - before midnight on 29 November.

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