Fan left homeless after Arsenal bet

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An Arsenal fan in Uganda has been left homeless, after betting his house that his club would beat Manchester United last Sunday. Henry Dhabasani bet against Manchester United fan Rashid Yiga, who put up his new Toyota Premio car and his wife.

So is this the worst betting loss of all time?
According to the Ugandan Observer, the men were serious enough about the bet to put it in writing, with local leaders as witnesses. The Metro reported that Dhabasani was evicted on Monday after United won 1-0.

It's a shocking thing to lose, but those who bet big can stand to lose their shirt, and there have been some stunning losses over the years.

Major losses

In April this year Australian Harry Kakavos tried to take a casino to court for allowing him to lose £1 billion in 14 months despite the fact he was a gambling addict. In May 2006 he lost $164 million in five and a half hours.

In 2007 Terrance Wantabe lost $127 million in a year - losing everything he made running his party-favour business over the previous 20 years.

In 1999 Australian media mogul Kerry Packer is said to have hit a run of bad luck and lost £20 million at UK casinos in seven days.

In 1993, former Philadelphia Eagles owner Leonard Tose tried to argue in court that a casino in Atlantic City had got him so drunk that he didn't know what he was doing. He lost his case and had to pay his gambling debts of $1.23 million.

Robert Maxwell, meanwhile, holds the record for the fastest loss ever. He is said to have lost $2 million in a minute, playing three roulette tables at a time at London casino.

The 10 richest people on the planet
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Fan left homeless after Arsenal bet
The richest man in the world is Bill Gates, with a fortune of $72.9 billion - up 16.2% in a year. His fortune is all the more impressive when you add in the fact that he has given away $28 billion - most of it to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Microsoft is now just a fifth of his fortune.
The Mexican telecoms magnate is still sitting on an incredible fortune of $65.5 billion - but this is actually $9.7 billion less than last December. He held the top spot for three years until it was regained by Gates, and now has interests ranging from mining to real estate - and even a stake in the New York Times.
The Spanish retail guru behind Zara is worth $61.9 billion - made from his 60% stake in the business. His company now also owns Massimo Dutti, Bershka and Pull and Bear.
The Investment genius known as the Sage of Omaha is now worth $58.2 billion. He still has no plans to retire at the age of 83. Last year he made $12.5 billion, and bought Heinz.
The man behind the Ikea brand is worth $50.3 billion. This finding differs dramatically from the net worth estimated by Forbes - who say that he demonstrated in 2011 that the majority of his economic stake had been transferred beyond his control decades ago and put his worth at $3.3 billion.
Their fortune (of $45.2 billion each) comes from the family business, Koch Industries (the second biggest company in the US), where Charles is CEO and David Executive Vice President. Both brothers invest 90% of everything they make into the business.

The technology firm Oracle has made its founder $41 billion. He is enjoying his money, investing in properties and his America's Cup team. He has also started donating enormous sums of money to his own medical foundation - which is working on reversing the effects of ageing.

The family behind the Wal-Mart brand has profited enormously, with Christy (daughter-in-law of founder Sam) worth $36.5 billion and Jim (son of the founder and pictured) worth $35.1 billion. Christy became the richest woman in the world after the death of her husband in a plane crash in 2005.

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