Man branded an "animal" over eye-gouging attack on train in Wales

A general view of Mold Crown Court. Former Coronation Street actor Bruce Jones pleaded guilty to dangerous driving this morning.

A man who attacked an older passenger on a train from Wrexham to Chester was told by a judge that he is a "bully" and an "animal".

Before being sentenced to two and a half years in prison, Mervyn Hardy was told by Judge Niclas Parry: "You are a dangerous man when you are crossed."

According to News North Wales, the 32-year-old few into a rage on the train and stuck his thumb into the 59-year-old man's eye and bit him on the thumb.

He denied causing actual bodily harm on the train last November but changed his plea to guilty at the last minute on Monday.

Mold Crown Court heard how Hardy's reaction was "frightening" as he attempted to gouge his victim's eye out.

Judge Parry added: "A witness probably got it right when she described your behaviour as that of an animal."

Wales Online reports that the victim Ronald Brookes was with his wife and two friends when he struck up a conversation with Hardy and his girlfriend.

As they were talking, Hardy's girlfriend spoke of visiting her grandmother and Brookes told a joke which he said was not offensive.

Hardy then stood up and shouted at Brookes before attacking him. He was punched in the head and face and Hardy pressed his thumb into his left eye.

When police were called and Hardy was arrested at the next station, Hardy claimed that he was the victim.

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