Get drunk without the hangover

Professor Nutt

A leading professor claims to have invented a pill which provides all the woozy-headed fun of a night on the beers, without you running any risk of suffering a hideous hangover the next day.

He claims it is the boozy equivalent of the e-cigarette.


The pill

Professor David Nutt told BBC Radio 4 that the pill targets the brain to simulate the effects of drinking. Users can then enjoy an evening out with all the loss of inhibitions and poor decision-making usually brought about by one too many shandies.

However, he is also developing an antidote, so that when the fun is over, the user can simply pop another pill and return to normal. This would allow them to drive, go to work, or get home on the night bus.


He said that alcohol kills 1.5 million people a year and that 10% of all drinkers become addicts. He says that with more funding his pill could become a solution to the problem within the next two years.

The statistics would support his idea that something needs to be done. On average men in the UK drink 15.9 units a week and women drink 7.6 units. Some 26% of men drink more than 21 units a week, and 17% of women drink more than 14. There is clearly a section of society that is drinking too much.

It not only affects their health, but costs the NHS £3 billion a year - according to the Royal College of Physicians. Meanwhile the employment agency Reed calculates that hangovers cost British businesses £2.8 billion a year.


However, Nutt is unable to find anyone in the drinks industry to fund his research - perhaps for obvious reasons - so he has been calling on the government to subsidise his work.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Alcohol Concern urged caution over this possible new pill, highlighting that it could simply encourage people to swap one addictive substance for another.
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