Grand Canyon to be flooded for five days to create beaches for campers

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Grand Canyon Flooding
Grand Canyon Flooding

The Grand Canyon's waterway is to be flooded after an abundance of sand in the Colorado River gave authorities the chance to create makeshift "beaches" for campers at the tourist attraction and sandbars to protect archaeological sites.

According to the Associated Press, the experiment starts on Monday and is expected to last five days.

Speaking to AP, Anne Castle, assistant secretary for water and science at the US Department of the Interior, said: "The idea is to see if we can react whenever conditions are right, whenever there's a lot of sediment load in the river.

"Whether we can reverse or at least stabilise the net loss in sediment that has been occurring in the river below Glen Canyon Dam."

Floating tours between Glen Canyon Dam and Lees Ferry will not be taking place during the five days and trout fishing will be limited.

Hikers and rafters have been told to make sure their equipment is secured.

A similar high-flow experiment took place in 2012 from the Glen Canyon Dam.

Visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona
Visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona

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