Footballer abandons Porsche in puddle after sat nav wrong turn

Andre Wisdom stuck Porsche

Liverpool defender Andre Wisdom - who is currently on loan to Derby County - managed to get his Porsche Panamera Turbo stuck in a boggy puddle after following sat nav instructions to his new team's stadium at the weekend.> The England under-21 captain was forced to abandon the £100k sports car and call for assistance as his team's game against Sheffield Wednesday was fast approaching.

A source close to The Daily Mirror said: "Andre is new to the area and doesn't know his way around. He is staying in a hotel while he finds somewhere to live.

"He left the hotel and on his way to the ground he popped into a shop to get a drink.

"Because Andre wasn't sure of the way to Pride Park from the shop, he entered the postcode in the Porsche's satnav and it took him all the way down a muddy track."

The source added: "The poor lad phoned the club to explain what had happened and managed to get himself to the ground in time to play."

Local mountain biker Pete Irons was cycling through the area when he discovered the abandoned silver Porsche.

He told The "It's mind boggling how it got there – it's miles from anywhere."

According to eyewitness reports, the Porsche was later pulled free from the bog by a Jeep Cherokee and driven away.

The Daily Mirror source added at the time: "I'm not sure if his team-mates know about this yet - he might have to prepare himself for a bit of mickey taking."

Andre Wisdom stuck Porsche

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