Exhausted owl takes a trip on canoe in Finland

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An exhausted owl is seen clinging to the front of a canoe after being rescued from the icy waters of a lake in Finland.

Local Pentti Taskinen was out paddling on Lake Tuusula when he spotted something strange moving up ahead in the water.

As he drew closer he was shocked to discover that it was an exhausted Northern Hawk Owl that was struggling to keep its head above water.

According to Pentti, the bedraggled owl at first tried to swim away from his canoe but then turned back apparently looking for help.

So Pentti lifted the freezing cold bird out of the water and it lay it on the front of his canoe as he paddled back to shore.

With the trip a distance of three miles, and with the owl shaking uncontrollably, Pentti was worried that it would not survive.

When he got to dry ground he headed to a nearby museum where the owl was wrapped in a coat and placed in a cardboard box next to the stove.

One of the museum guides then took it home and later, when it had recovered, released it back into the wild.

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