Watch: Pensioner on mobility scooter holds up bus full of tourists

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An elderly man on a mobility scooter held up a bus full of German tourists in Edinburgh as he refused to pull over in his five-mph mobility aid and allow them to pass.

The pensioner was wearing a hi-vis jacket and either didn't know he was causing a traffic jam or didn't care.

But instead of getting road rage, the sightseers found the situation amusing.

According to the Daily Record, one tourist joked: "This is what the Germans lost the war for."

Another urges the OAP: "Put your foot down!"

The Daily Mail reports that the holidaymakers only pass the pensioner when they reach a roundabout and the driver roars past him as he goes into the left lane.

The five-minute video was posted online by Edinburgh's Worst Drivers and a spokesman for the site said: "It's interesting how these visitors don't seem to mind being delayed and find it amusing.

"A typical Edinburgh's Worst Driver would be honking their horn, suffering road rage and trying to overtake."

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