Caterham to take on the motorbike industry

Caterham Motorcycles

Not content with backing a Formula 1 team and continuing to supply a stripped-back, two-seater sports car experience to the paying public, Caterham is now keen to conquer all things two-wheeled.
Speaking at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, the British marque announced it would work on three prototype products with a view to launch one in 2014 and the rest to follow soon after.

The three prototypes include the Brutus – a sort of 'go everywhere' off-road motorcycle – and two lightweight electric bicycles; one that looks like a vintage motorcycle of the early 1900s and the other like a mountain bike penned by The Terminator.

The Brutus 750 is the most production-ready and we are likely to see the bike go on sale as early as next year. Caterham describes it as, "The "SUV of motorcycles," and "menacing in stance but surprisingly nimble to ride."

Caterham says the chunky two-wheeler can also operate as a street bike, off-road machine or even a snowmobile with a conversion that takes less than four hours.

Next up is the Classic E-bike that uses battery-power to transport individuals to their destination in vintage style for up to 80km. There is no real news on how the battery power will be used, as we know from our recent time with the Smart e-bike that all-out battery power is illegal in the EU and only battery-assisted bicycles can be sold.

Finally, the Carbon E-Bike boasts aggressive mountain bike looks and the latest in cutting-edge suspension and lightweight frame technology. Details on this particular model remain sketchy but Caterham reassures us it will go into production in one form or another.

Tony Fernandes, Co-Chairman of Caterham Group, said: "Our vision for Caterham Group has taken another step forward with the launch of Caterham Bikes.

"Expanding our interests into the two-wheeled market is another natural progression for us and is a good opportunity to showcase the breadth of knowledge, experience and creativity we have at our disposal across the Group, now in the two-wheeled world in addition to all of our other automotive, technology and innovation interests."

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Caterham Motorcycles
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Caterham to take on the motorbike industry
Caterham Brutus 750
Caterham Carbon E-Bike
Caterham Carbon E-Bike
Caterham Carbon E-Bike
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