Pictures: Beaver 'logs' on to laptop in Austria


Beaver on a laptop

This is the hilarious moment a beaver was spotted 'logging' on to its laptop computer.

After taking some photographs using its tripod and camera, the eager beaver appears to be excited to see its latest snaps.

But all is not as it seems, as the goofy pictures were ingeniously devised by photographer, Leopold Kanzler.

Taken on the banks of the Danube river just east of Vienna, Austria, the 57-year-old managed to capture the animal pulling the perfect pose by hiding apple slices behind the screen of the computer and camera.

However, creating the comical sequence was no easy task and it took Leopold weeks to capture the inquisitive creature apparently in the act.

Luckily, the beaver didn't twig on to the booby-trapped bait but the apple pieces certainly pushed all the right buttons.

Leopold told Caters News: "I had the idea of seeing the beaver behind the camera and laptop for quite a while and after spending a large amount of time photographing and studying its behaviour, I knew it was possible.

"I had to be extremely patient while waiting for the beaver to stand in all the right positions but it was worth the wait, the pictures are very funny.

"I hid pieces of apple in the equipment and worked with the animal everyday for two weeks before I got all the shots I needed.

"I'm not sure who had more fun, me or the beaver, but it seemed more than happy with receiving so many tasty treats."

More silly animal pics below:

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Holiday photobombs

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