Nissan reveals futuristic BladeGlider concept

Nissan reveals futuristic BladeGlider concept

Fresh from the release of it brand new, family-transporting 2014 Qashqai, Nissan has announced a much more futuristic proposition in the BladeGlider concept.

Based on the arrow-head-shaped Nissan DeltaWing, the BladeGlider concept hints at a three-seater electric sports car for the road that features similar technology to its Le Mans-dominating brethren.

The innovative shape of the BladeGlider is designed specifically to offer an extremely low drag co-efficiency and maximum downforce for superb traction. The ultra lightweight shell also means it produces thrilling performance figures from a tiny engine – or in this case, electric motors.

Nissan claims that a production model could feature electric motors that power individual wheels, which could act in a similar way to expensive torque vectoring systems, driving power to separate wheels in order to improve cornering ability.

The lithium-ion batteries will be lifted from the Nissan Leaf electric car but rather than being mounted underneath the driver, they will be situated towards the rear of the machine. This will contribute to a 30/70 front/rear weight bias which improves handling ability and gives the driver a true race car experience on the road.

Andy Palmer, Nissan's executive vice president, told Auto Express: "We have a buck (prototype) running based on an Ariel Atom with a narrow track at the front – I've driven it and it's sensational. With the batteries positioned low down the grip is incredible."

"When I was growing up the principle was that young people wanted a sports car and their parents hated the idea of them - the problem with all of today's sports cars is that they are actually owned by parents," Palmer also revealed to Autocar.

"We are exploring ways of getting back to a sports car that is affordable, challenging and appealing for young people."
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