Google Doodle honours Herman Rorschach 129th birthday with interactive doodle

Google Doodle

Google is celebrating the 129th birthday of Herman Rorschach, the psychiatrist best-known for developing the Rorschach inkblot test. It is running a new Google Doodle, which includes an inkblot that changes every time you refresh the page. It encourages you to 'share what you see', and when you click the link it enables you to share your interpretation with the wider world through Google, Facebook and Twitter.

So would you risk the world knowing your interpretations?
The doodle features a cartoon version of the Freudian psychiatrist, alongside an interactive version of the inkblots he was most famous for.

Rorschach was interested in these inkblots as a child, and while studying psychoanalysis it awakened his curiosity as to why people interpret these images so differently. He spent years showing inkblots to children and reporting their responses. He finally published his findings in a book called Psychodiagnostik - which described how inkblots could be used as a tool in psychoanalysis.

Sadly this was to prove his only major work, as he died a year after it was published at the age of 37 - from complications following a ruptured appendix.


Google users have embraced the opportunity to explore their psyche. The strange images seen in the doodles and reported on social media range from a pair of roller boots, to the back of the devil's head, a bear giving a robot a shoulder massage, and a dinosaur playing basketball (badly).

Some even had a go at interpreting what they saw. A man who saw two monks drinking concluded it must be time for the weekend, another saw the skulls he is currently researching and concluded he was working too hard, and a third said: "This jolly T-Rex on a unicycle tells me I am just regular crazy."
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