​Rolls-Royce reveals diamond-encrusted Celestial Phantom

​Rolls-Royce reveals diamond-encrusted Celestial Phantom

Thought you'd seen the last word in bling? Think again. Rolls-Royce has just upped the stakes with its star exhibit at the Dubai Motor Show.

Star being the operative word, in fact, because its latest one-off has been named the Celestial Phantom.> "Why so bling, though?" we hear you say. "That sober colour scheme doesn't seem all that extravagant."

Well, don't judge a book by its cover – because inside, the Celestial Phantom features no fewer than 446 diamonds spread liberally throughout the cabin.

The gemstones, Rolls-Royce says, have been hand-set into the door cappings, centre console lid and rear privacy divider.

They're complemented by a unique version of the company's Starlight Headliner, which uses fibre-optics to recreate a vision of the night sky.

This particular headliner's unique, though, as it recreates exactly the sky as it appeared at midnight on 1 January 2003 – the moment the first ever Phantom was handed over to its owner.

The car's leather trim colours, meanwhile, have been chosen to imbue the interior with a dusky hue.

The celestial theme continues into the paintwork; Rolls-Royce says it, too, evokes the night sky, and features fine glass particles integrated into the paint to "achieve an alluring sense of depth and light".

​Rolls-Royce reveals diamond-encrusted Celestial Phantom

As a finishing touch, the Celestial Phantom also comes with a one-off version of the Rolls-Royce picnic set, with special glassware and porcelain.

The car's been built to showcase the talents of the company's Bespoke department.

"The Middle East is the largest market for Bespoke in the world and in celebration of this we sought to create something truly special for the Dubai International Motor Show," says Torsten Müller‑Ötvös, Rolls-Royce's CEO.

"Every Rolls‑Royce is crafted with only the finest materials, extending the Celestial Phantom's starry night theme with one of the rarest and most precious commodities in the world"

But if you fancy one, you've probably got some convincing to do – Rolls-Royce says it's making just the one, and is remaining tight-lipped on how much it cost.
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