Homeless man found sleeping in presidential suite of five-star hotel

A homeless man was found sleeping on the sofa of the presidential suite of one of Pittsburgh's most luxurious hotels on Tuesday night.

Jeffrey Lennon Watson, 48, was escorted out of the Omni William Penn Hotel when he was found in the £1,555-a-night suite.

AP reports that guests were checking into the suite when they saw Watson sleeping on the sofa and notified hotel staff.

In a statement, hotel general manager Eric DeStefano said the parlour area of the presidential suite is "a general-use area for receptions and small events. The door had been programmed to remain unlocked for an event earlier that day. As soon as the occupant was discovered, he was escorted off the property."

CBS reports that Watson was charged with theft of services and criminal trespass.

He was told by the hotel that he could never return again and was taken to the Allegheny County Jail.

Homeless Man Found Sleeping in Swanky Pittsburgh Hotel Suite

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