Is this guy the world's maddest driver?

Russian dash cam dangerous driver

We are all very much used to reckless driving captured on dash-mounted camera that hails from a certain chilly country to the east, but the video below takes the biscuit.
The four-minute clip documents one Russian motorist's obsession with breaking almost every road law going as he gleefully pilots his rough and ready Uaz 4x4 through busy city streets and off the beaten path.

British police would have a field day trawling through the clip and noting every single traffic offence that occurs, of which highlights (or lowlights) include: attempting to run over a horse, mounting the pavement and narrowly missing pedestrians, undertaking queuing traffic on the hard shoulder and deliberately driving at speed towards pedestrians using a zebra crossing.

Perhaps the most shocking and unbelievable moment is when the lunatic pulls up behind a police car on the hard shoulder and proceeds to argue with them about their choice of parking space - continually opening and closing the door of the squad car to prove his point.

The motoring maniac almost kills or harms pedestrians on numerous occasions, crashes into fellow motorists and causes varying amounts of damage to road furniture.

We've said it before but when the often chaotic and congested roads of the UK get you down, simply press play on this video and thank the heavens we don't have many drivers like this on our roads.

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