What are the best paid jobs for women?

Woman managerThe best-paid jobs for women are in management. But, despite earning more than £20 an hour, that is nearly a quarter less than men doing the same work.

Professional occupations – especially teaching – make up the next best-paid work for women. The pay gap drops to 13% for the professions and to just 10% in teaching.%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

Women who earn more than men

Women earn more than men in just three jobs, according to official statistics. They earn £13.18 an hour – 1.5% more than men – in skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades. Women who work as transport and mobile machine drivers and operatives earn £10.39 an hour, which is 0.7% more than their male colleagues.

But the biggest positive pay gap is for women in skilled agricultural and related trades, who earn £9.75 and hour, which is 5.2% more than men.

But there are very few women in these jobs. For every woman working in skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades there are about 31 men. In transport there are 32 men for every woman and the number of women in skilled agricultural jobs is statistically insignificant.

In most jobs, however, women come off worse. The best paid major job categories by hourly pay rate, with their pay gap between men and women are:
  • Managers, directors and senior officials £20.21 (22.7%)
  • Professional occupations £19.34 (13.0%)
  • Associate professional and technical occupations £15.20 (16.1%)
  • Administrative and secretarial occupations £11.26 (14.8%)
  • Skilled trades occupations £10.00 (16.9%)
  • Sales and customer service occupations £9.16 (6.8%)
  • Caring, leisure and other service occupations £9.04 (10.4%)
  • Process, plant and machine operatives £8.56 (18.7%)
  • Elementary occupations £7.70 (13.2%)

When it comes to more detailed breakdown of roles it is clear that private sector manager roles are the best-paid jobs for women, followed by teaching and then working in the media. In fourth place is science and technology job – and the pay gap here is down to just over 8%.

There are about 1.5 women teachers for every man, but about 2.5 men for every woman manager in the private sector and about 3.4 men for every women in science and technology. There are many more women health professionals than men, with more than 2.2 women for every man.

The roles where women most outnumber men is secretarial, with nine women for every man. But the men still earn 9.3% more than women.

The best-paid jobs and the pay gap

  • Corporate managers and directors £21.78 (20.8%)
  • Teaching and educational professionals £20.70 (10.1%)
  • Business, media and public service professionals £19.28 (11.6%)
  • Science, research, engineering and technology professionals £19.19 (8.1%)
  • Health professionals £18.32 (31.0%)
  • Business and public service associate professionals £16.05 (21.3%)
  • Protective service occupations £16.05 (6.1%)
  • Other managers and proprietors £15.09 (15.7%)
  • Culture, media and sports occupations £13.50 (27.5%)
  • Health and social care associate professionals £13.24 (6.4%)
  • Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades £13.18 (-1.5%)
  • Science, engineering and technology associate professionals £12.96 (11.8%)
  • Administrative occupations £11.28 (15.0%)
  • Secretarial and related occupations £11.20 (9.3%)
  • Skilled construction and building trades £11.20 (7.1%)
  • Customer service occupations £10.56 (5.1%)
  • Transport and mobile machine drivers and operatives £10.39 (-0.7%)
  • Skilled agricultural and related trades £9.75 (-5.2%)
  • Leisure, travel and related personal service occupations £9.37 (13.9%)
  • Textiles, printing and other skilled trades £8.99 (7.4%)
  • Caring personal service occupations £8.98 (6.7%)
  • Sales occupations £8.31 (9.7%)
  • Process, plant and machine operatives £8.23 (23.7%)
  • Elementary administration and service occupations £7.70 (12.7%)
  • Elementary trades and related occupations £7.66 (15.2%)

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What are the best paid jobs for women?
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