Where to go in December

Where to go in December
Where to go in December

It's time to make a decision. Do you want to lie beneath the beating sun on a glorious beach break or crunch through the snow on a ski holiday? It's a tough choice but one thing's for sure: whatever you decide, it'll be nicer than here!

So where's hot in December? For real warmth, you'll obviously need to go to far-flung places: South America, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean islands and the Far East are favourite hotspots (literally) in December. The drawback is that you'll need a pretty penny or two in your purse - after all, this is the start of peak season for winter-sun destinations, so prices may make your eyes water, particularly over Christmas and New Year.

The Canaries could provide the answer if your budget is a bit tighter. This little bit of Spain off the coast of Africa offers a warm, affordable haven in the depths of the European winter.

If December equals the white stuff in your mind, this is when ski resorts open for serious business across Europe. There's no better month for families to visit Lapland, too, while Father Christmas is at home.

The Christmas spirit will also be alive and well in Munich - a charming place to cradle a warm cup of mulled wine and pick up some stocking fillers in its festive markets.

And you could turn travel into a gift, by spending Christmas with family and friends in a cottage in the British countryside.

If seeking out the sun or the snow isn't your main consideration, don't despair, there are alternative adventures, too. December is the start of the prime season for viewing mountain gorillas, so why not go and see them in the wild in Uganda.

Here's our little selection of our fave places to go this month.

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