Three killed in Norway bus hijack

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Three killed in Norway bus hijack
Three killed in Norway bus hijack

Three people were killed on a bus in Norway when a man wielding a knife hijacked the vehicle.

The long-distance bus was on the route between the mountainous Valdres region, which is a popular area for skiing, and Norwegian capital Oslo.

The victims include the bus driver and two passengers - a man and woman.

Police told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation that the suspect was of foreign origin.

According to the BBC, he was overpowered by firefighters who rushed to the scene when it was first reported as a traffic accident.

Odd Arne Solvag, a police spokesman, said the motive of the attack is unclear.

Sky News reports that the suspect was a 30-year-old asylum seeker from South Sudan.

He was taken into custody and is being held under armed guard at Haukeland hospital.

Olaug Holme, from Hordaland Police, told Dagbladet: "We have police on site who are guarding him.

"There will be a medical assessment as to when he may be transported elsewhere, (but) I cannot say much about the medical situation now."

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