Daredevil skydives into a moving Ford Mustang

Katie Hansen skydive moving car

This isn't a scene from an upcoming Bond movie where 007 has swapped his Aston Martin for a bright yellow Ford Mustang.
No, it is footage that was captured at an extreme sports event in Norway over the summer that shows Katie Hansen – a 28-year-old nurse by day turned daredevil at the weekends – swooping from the skies and landing in the back seat of a moving car without a hitch.

The dizzying footage shows Katie's point of view as she circles the skies using her parachuting skills and the outlook from the driver's seat as her accomplice carefully pilots the Mustang on a true course at an exact speed.

The speeds involved in the stunt become apparent as Katie swoops towards the ground and the yellow Mustang comes into view for the first time. Suddenly, the smooth Tarmac of the runway begins to blur and Katie pulls back on the 'chute just before she drops perfectly into the back seats.

YouTube user AviatorShow- AKA Eric – who regularly posts videos of him and his friends skydiving and frolicking around in airplanes, uploaded Katie's amazing stunt last week.

America's ABC News picked up on the story and managed to grab an interview with the fearless stuntwoman.

"I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous," Hansen told the news channel. "But I was definitely focused."

Amazingly, the stunt was successfully completed on Katie's very first attempt. "I was so happy when I made it," Hansen said.

"I couldn't believe it but everything just lined up perfectly."

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