Smashed Ferrari Dino sells for £156,000

France FIAC Art Fair

The Ferrari Dino is a bit of a black sheep among the Prancing Horse family. It is very slow, not particularly attractive and certainly doesn't command the sort of price on the second hand market as, say, a 250 GTO.
In fact, Ferrari-lovers can pick up a fairly decent Dino for around £15,000, so when a smashed version sold for £156,000 recently, we were a little bit taken aback.

The reason for the extortionate price tag? It is art.

See, Bertrand Lavier – a French artist famous for continually questioning the relationship between art and everyday life – totalled the Dino back in the 90s and decided it looked so good in its smashed-up state that he made a sculpture out of it.

The piece, simply titled "Dino", was snapped up for an impressive $250,000 by an unnamed Turkish collector at the recent FIAC art exhibition in Paris.

The bright red Fezza sports a completely crumpled passenger door, flat tyres, caved-in front grille and a smashed up windscreen but clearly boasts a beauty that is lost on the petrolheads among us.

This got us thinking, what other rubbish cars would look good all roughed-up and placed on a white plinth? The Renault Vel Satis? An MG TF? Or even the utterly horrible Chrysler PT Cruiser?

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