Air passengers 'less likely to trust' female pilots

Caroline Cassidy

Few ladies will have escaped the odd 'women drivers' joke from their male counterparts, so the news that the majority of travellers don't trust a female behind the controls of a commercial jet is hardly a surprise.

Brits 'don't trust' female pilots
Brits 'don't trust' female pilots

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In a survey of 2,367 Brits, both male and female, 51 per cent admitted they were less likely to trust a woman pilot than a male captain.

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Some 32 per cent of those who confessed they lacked trust in female pilots said they felt male pilots were "more skilled", and a further 28 per cent feared a woman would be found wanting under pressure.

For 10 per cent, it was fear of the unknown that led to their lack of trust, having been used to an all-male flight deck crew.
However, 26 per cent of the respondents insisted the sex of the pilot made no difference, while 14 per cent had less faith in male pilots. The reason? "Too hot-headed in a crisis" was the most common reason given for mistrusting a man at the controls, while 23 per cent of holidaymakers believe a male pilot could be "too easily distracted".

Chris Clarkson, managing director of, which commissioned the poll, said: "To see that more than half would be less likely to trust a female pilot was absolutely astounding. Clearly, many Britons have stereotypes that they need to get rid of."

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