Ten skydivers jump to safety after planes collide

Ten quick-thinking skydivers survived a mid-air collision when they leapt from a small plane moments after it collided with another aircraft.

NBC News reports that two single-engine aircrafts were carrying the skydivers when they collided 12,000ft above ground in Superior, Wisconsin.

All 11 passengers on board survived the collision and were uninjured. The only injury was to the pilot of the lead plane.

He was treated for minor injuries after grabbing an emergency parachute to jump from the plane after the skydivers.

Speaking to Duluth News Tribune, Mike Robinson, a skydiving instructor who was one of four jumpers on the first plane, said: "We were just kind of lucky that we were at the point where we were out of the airplane.

"If we'd been back in the rear of the airplane when they collided it might have been a little bit different."

The lead plane broke apart, while the second plane landed safely at the Superior Airport with damaged propellers.

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