Canadian Magnum Mk5 sports car revealed

Magnum Mk5

Maple syrup, ice hockey and inhabitants that say "aboot" rather than "about" – these are typically 'Canadian', not 247bhp two-seater sports cars that can rocket from 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds.
The Magnum Mk5 is about to introduce Canadian high-performance machines to the world and for £86,000 you can be the proud owner of a very different track day weapon.

Powered by a tuned four-cylinder engine lifted from a Suzuki Hayabusa motorbike, the Mk5 can hit a top speed of 150mph and compete with some of the world's fastest hypercars over short drag race distances.

The six-speed sequential gearbox gives the driver a full-fat racing experience, while the 545kg dry weight ensures performance can match and even beat even the fastest track-focussed machines.

The interior is as stripped out as you would expect from a road-going racing car but customers will be treated to a reversing camera as well as a removable racing steering wheel, data logger system, and adjustable brakes and dampers.

Potential punters can place orders now but be warned, a limited production run of just 20 units is expected while Magnum gauges reception and decides whether to commit to anymore.

Racing driver and Magnum owner Bruno St Jacques told Autocar: "We wanted to offer a platform which would give the closest feeling possible to a race car. We wanted to share our racing heritage and our experience and feeling of driving a racecar.

"Whereas a modern racecar requires a full crew and equipment, this car is very easy to use. We wanted as well to offer the looks and styling of a supercar, something that will look as good on the street."

Magnum Mk5
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Canadian Magnum Mk5 sports car revealed
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