Video: Paragliding instructor tells tourist to pray for safe landing

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The moment a paragliding instructor tells a student to pray for a safe landing after getting caught in thick cloud over Rio de Janeiro has been caught on camera.

Instructor Luiz Gonzaga took tourist Sudmar Franzin on the thrill ride, which got a little more adventurous than either of them had surely planned on.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the pair took off from the Pedra Bonita mountain paragliding station, 17,000ft above the Zona Sul district of Rio, back in August.

The weather conditions has been generally fine but instructors at the São Conrado Free Flight Club had been advised to head directly to the beachfront where the sky was clearer.

However, Gonzaga had instead glided around Pedra Bonita and got lost in thick cloud.

The footage caught some of the pairs' 13 minutes of disorientation. In what must have been the most terrifying moments of the tourist's life, the instructor says: "Calm, calm, calm, calm. My God in heaven, how did I let this happen?. I don't know where I am, man.

"Oh my god, I entered the clouds. Let us pray, Hail Mary. Thank you Father, let me see something. The beach, anything, let me see something. Where am I, my God? Show the way for me, my Father."

He then says he's scared of being on the water and asks the tourist if he can swim.

However, there was a happy ending as they landed safely in a field in Itanhanga, five kilometres from their original destination of Sao Conrado beach.

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